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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that everyone has a lot of questions about our vision. We’ve listed answers to some of the questions here but if you don’t find the answer you are looking for or you just simply want to find out more information then contact us

Will the pools themselves become more accessible?2021-07-02T10:00:33+00:00

We want to enable the creation of step-less access into the pools. We are working hard on finding ways to do that. We are a not-for-profit organisation and any surplus funds will be reinvested into the area and community initiatives.

Will the Café be run as a charity?2021-08-02T16:58:57+00:00

Vive La Vallette LBG is a not-for profit organisation. Any surplus funds created at The Bathing Pools café will be reinvested back into the facilities and community focused initiatives.

What type of groups or organisations do you envisage using La Vallette?2021-08-02T17:05:51+00:00

We are working with and listening to other local charities, community groups and schools and have exciting plans in the pipeline. Current associations and initiatives are being developed with the Guernsey Sports Commission, the Health Improvement Commission, Guernsey Mind, Arts for Impact, Bright Beginnings, The Youth Commission, Guernsey’s primary schools and many others.

How important is the environment and biodiversity to your project?2021-08-02T17:10:21+00:00

It is important that we understand and support the natural environment surrounding The Bathing Pools. We have consulted organisations with extensive knowledge in this area and will provide focus for our community to learn more about the flora and fauna of the area and our local marine life.

Will there be disabled access into the building?2021-08-03T11:30:55+00:00

Yes. The building will be fully accessible for wheelchair users and those with mobility challenges. There will be a ramp from the road up the café and one down to the changing rooms. There will be a lift from the café level to the upper level flexible use pavilion space and the stunning views. There will be fully accessible WCs on the café and upper levels.



Will the bathing pools remain free to swim?2021-08-03T11:29:07+00:00

Yes. We want to encourage more people to enjoy this wonderful site. The pools will remain free to use. As a part of the agreement to lease, The States of Guernsey remain responsible for the pools and have agreed to do necessary remedial work and thereafter to undertake the ongoing maintenance work as scheduled and required.

What’s the building going to be like?2021-08-03T12:11:15+00:00

The new building has been designed to sit on the existing footprint. There’ll be three levels. On the lower level there’ll be thermally upgraded changing rooms. There’ll be a café on the next level and on the upper level you will find a flexible use pavilion with a terrace overlooking the Ladies’ Pool. Take a tour of the building on our homepage.

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